Frequently Asked Questions


No, this service is free to the renter! You are connected to an agent that is paid by the property you rent from. 

Please bring your photo ID so the agent can confirm you are who you say you are! It is a safety precaution. 

We are initially launching in Minneapolis, MN. We fully intend to expand to all markets across the US. If you are interested in bringing Simpli Apts to your city, please contact us.

All you have to do is hit the “Schedule Showing Now” button on the listing you are interested in. You can find all available rentals on our website or you will have the option to schedule on the apartment website or brokerage website. 

You can always cancel from the appointment confirmation text you received or the confirmation email. All you have to do is click the link to cancel or reschedule. Make sure you are cancelling or rescheduling with enough notice to the agent that is meeting you. 

The rental criteria is optional but we encourage you to fill it out. This information helps the agent you are working with find alternative options if you are not interested in the property you are scheduled to see. 

When you request a showing you will be paired with the first agent that accepts the appointment. If you do not have a good experience with a particular agent, please let us know and you will not be paired with them again. If you enjoy working with the agent you were paired with, they can continue taking you to multiple properties until you find the right fit.

No, we do not want you to feel stuck with a particular agent if you are having a bad experience. You will need to let us know and you will never be paired with that agent again.

Congrats! You found your new home! When you are ready to apply, let the agent that showed you the unit know you are ready to move forward. They will send you a summary page of the property details as well as a link with the application. If you decide you are ready to apply on the spot, the agent you are working with can pull up the link and help get you started on the spot.


There is no monthly fee to become an agent with Simpli Apts. We will take 15% of the commission off the top once the deal is closed. Think of it as a referral fee for a closed deal. You only pay us when you make money yourself. The best part is, you get to keep this lead to help them purchase in the future! 

Simpli Apts will have independent access to each property we work with. There will be a smart lockbox and a unique code for each appointment. 

As an agent, you will have access to property details, amenity locations, tour talking points checklist, FAQ’s… Everything you would need to be successful with that property. 

We hope this never happens and have tried to set the technology up in a way that this is less likely to happen by sending reminders and calendar invites to both parties. You both have the option to cancel or reschedule the appointment if you need to. 

We ask that as an agent, you coordinate with a colleague to cover the scheduled showing first. If you cannot find anyone to cover for you, then you can coordinate with the renter to reschedule. One of the main reason for Simpli Apts is to allow the renter to schedule a showing at a time that works best for them so please do everything you can to keep their original appointment unless they request a different day/time. 

The renter is sent a short survey after every appointment to let us at Simpli and the apartment complex know how their experience was. If that renter had a bad experience or you did not show up for the appointment we would reach out to see what happened. If you get 3 bad reviews, you will no longer receive appointments.  

No, it is up to you as the agent to maintain that relationship. If they use Simpli Apts to schedule a showing elsewhere, they will be paired with the agent that accepts first. 

Excellent! You did a great job selling the property and they want to move forward. You can pull up the apartment website on your cell phone or laptop (if you have it with you) and help them apply on the spot. Often times, the apartment complex will have computers that can be used for this as well. 


Yes, the agent is trained to fill out a questionnaire asking specific property questions with the renter during or right after the tour. This will then be sent to the management team for review. 

We will send you a weekly report with all property activity. It will include the feedback from the renter on the building as well as the agent review if the renter completes that. 

The agents will all be given detailed information on the property that they can easily access while on tour. They will also have a talking points checklist that you will provide to make sure they are covering everything. 

Yes! We will set your onsite staff up to receive all requests first. If they do not accept the appointment within 3 minutes, it will go out to the outside agents to make sure the appointment will be covered. 

We know this is a big concern, and rightfully so! If you are ready to sign up for our services we will make sure to address this at length and make sure you feel comfortable. We will be using a smart lockbox that can track who used the lockbox last should there be any issues. We will work with your onsite team to coordinate lockbox installment and keys.  


If your question was not answered above, please contact us and we would be happy to help! 

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